Reliable and solution-oriented partner.

LECO is Austria's leading power supply designer and manufacturer.

LECO is probably the only company that is fully focused on developing and manufacturing power supplies with the best performance data, with special emphasis being put on size and efficiency.
Our formula to success and being world-class in this sector is laid out by the following fundamentals: our engineering knowledge, practical experience and the sheer amount of energy we invest into completing our daily tasks swiftly and efficiently. Through this focus, we set standards in terms of technology and quality that will inspire you as a user.


Our products contain the know-how and pioneering spirit of more than 10 development engineers. Every customized product is the result of many years of engineering, in which we always think one step ahead.

  • Efficiency rate of up to 95%
  • High MTBF and the longest lifespan
  • The smallest lightweight designs
  • Cool-design for low temperatures
  • Easy installation and utilization
  • Maximum flexibility in the development processes for your usage
  • Designed for the world trade market. Worldwide approvals possible.


LECO stands for quality, hence the quality of our power supplies is of utmost importance to us. Our supply chain management and development teams make sure to only use high-quality components. Our own EMC test stands, and mechanical shakers ensure our high-quality standards. We demonstrate our commitment to operate only high-quality processes and strive for continuous improvement, for example by attaining ISO9001:2015 certification for our company. Our products regularly set benchmarks in the areas of life-span, loss performance and standby performance. Through our customer-specific design and the ‘added value’ program, as a user you can decide yourself, when you would like to switch to our latest technologies.

Added value of our services

The entire value chain is in our hands. Starting with the design and development, through to the purchase of the components and the production in our plants, everything is controlled by in-house work processes. This allows us to guarantee you the highest standards and absolute reliability. Both of our production sites in Austria and Hungary, as well as the focus on development without a large overhead, enable us to offer our added value to you, namely European production with an unbeatable price/performance ratio.

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